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Daily Bread

by John Rose

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Verses I see you put those hours in I see you when I need to mend I know you, I know your name We broke bread you taught me things Where are the stickers on the cars That praise the work of healing power? I don't see the mess we've made But I know you do, I'm listening When the financiers start to jeer And try to divide with fear I'll remember what you do And fix my words to honour you Chorus When the sun goes down and you're walking home in your scrubs out in the street Do the people thank you as they fall asleep? Do we sing the praise of healers as we do for those who harm? As our eyes get heavy do we think of what you've done?
Daily Bread 04:11
Verses Lead me not into temptation, I’ve had trouble with that sensation 40 times around the sun, you’d think I’d know when fooling’s done I would say deliver me from evil, but I may have lost hope in people Daily bread comes at a price, I'm quick to anger, quick to fight Our father who art dejected, in my voice you are reflected All the f-words, death words plenty, the way a whiskey bottle empties I worked in a shop on Richmond Ave, nothing left there but a concrete slab What do you got left for a middle aged man? Picking food outta' garbage cans? Now you tell me you can’t pay me, 100 dimes in a cup won’t save me All I want is a living wage, I’ll take my bread if I don’t get paid Raising the costs of living in the city, no Hollywood movie gonna make it look pretty I'm a couple steps from death or jail, pray to the Lord there's a cheque in the mail Chorus You might find me hanging You might find me swaying I’ve had enough of hoping I’ve done my share of praying Don’t you call the cops on me Don’t you call the priest Just take me down and hold me close And marvel at my peace
Verses The fighting was ending, the one to end all wars Trade trench foot for safety, and the open arms of home But the fighting's never over when you're unemployed or poor From bunkhouse to the barroom, to the factory floor When you can't afford to pay for your life Inflation's just a word but hunger's like a knife And wages are down by 20 percent The landlord is banging on the door for the rent The war meant money for the railway regime But the machinists still sided with the workers in need So fire and water and telephone and rail All put it all on the line for death or for jail And they honestly asked you to pledge not to strike While the Citizens Committee plotted your demise The Mounties rode in, and the streetcars were smashed And Saturday was bloody, in that dark aftermath When the cops refused to break from the trades You hired all your guns to make them all afraid And you fired the police, and fired on the crowds You plotted and conspired, read the Riot Act aloud Now I sit and wonder What was even won? Whether Winnipeg or Windsor Vancouver or Estevan But a union's not imposed, it's democratic will We're not Bolsheviks just because we fight for work and skill Chorus It was Winnipeg in May, bursting at the seams There were thousands on strike in 1919 And this kind of movement don't walk the line for greed When they take and take and a city breaks and Your best intentions bleed


Three songs dedicated to workers and labour history.

-> Scrubs in the Street: For all nurses and health care workers.
-> Daily Bread: For anyone who has lost everything (Note: heavy themes here - mental health, suicide).
-> Winnipeg 1919: For everyone fighting for improved working conditions.


released May 1, 2023

All songs written and performed by John Rose.

Recorded at Cienfuegos Studio, 2023.


all rights reserved



John Rose Kingston, Ontario

John is a singer, songwriter, and composer from Ontario, Canada.

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